Information from the Management 斯宝亚创集团管理层公开信

Dear Stiebel Eltron Partners and Customers,


Dear employees,


We are allexperiencing very challenging times as a consequence of the global pandemic. Globallywe all have to contribute our part to help slow down the speed at which theCOVID 19 disease is spreading. These are times where we all need to standtogether, and everyone has to do his or her part.


At StiebelEltron, we are very well aware of the need to find the right balance betweenproviding the maximum security for everyone with whom we are in contact, bothwithin the company as well as towards all our external partners, andmaintaining our role in supporting our customers in trade and craftsmanship sothat they can continue to serve their customers. We have taken extensivemeasures in our factories and offices to ensure the best we can that we cancontinue with our daily work. We have implemented protective measures thatwould enable us to keep production and key support functions at work in case ofan infection of an employee with the Coronavirus, should the need arise.


So far, wehave been able to supply material to our customers without disruptions. We areworking hard every day to try to maintain these high service levels. Ourinventories remain high and we are working with full capacity in our plants.Unless external factors beyond our control impose us with difficulties with nopossible workarounds, we will continue to do our utmost best to help you inyour businesses. Our factories will remain open, our customer service desks arethere to help you and our field sales and service technicians are yourresources which you can draw upon as needed.


With all ofthis going on, we of course keep the health and safety of everybody as a toppriority. We wish you all that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthyand that you are able to keep the impact of this global crisis on your businessat the lowest possible level. At Stiebel Eltron, we will do everything we canto contribute towards these two main goals.


Please do nothesitate to contact your Stiebel Eltron representative for any assistance youmay require. We will keep everybody updated on the situation over the nextweeks.


We are surethat we all look forward to the day when we can look back on this crisis assomething that brought us together and united us even stronger – in ourfamilies, with our friends, in business and even between countries.


Stay healthy!


Dr. Kai Schiefelbein                            Dr. Nicholas Matten

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